What do team members do on a day-to-day basis?

Sunday through Thursday, each day starts with a team worship and training session, concluded with group prayer. Team members begin sharing magabooks door-to-door, by 1 pm. Though they approach the door solo, team members work in a buddy system, with another teammate placed across the street, for safety, as well as moral and spiritual support. Team members conclude their work at 9 pm  and meet back at the host church to close out their day with group prayer and praise for all the ways God has blessed them. 

What do team members do on the weekends?

On Friday, team members have free time until 5 pm when they meet together for vespers and dinner in the home of a host church member. Often, group leaders will take students shopping or facilitate social time in a park or with a host family during the free time before vespers. Our evening vespers is a time for reflection and thanksgiving to God for what He's done for our team during the week. Each team member testifies to God's goodness by sharing a story with the group about the way they saw God using them to reach other people with His love. On Sabbath, team members lead out in Sabbath School and church services at their host churches and throughout their ministry area, telling stories from "the front-lines" of service for God. The team seeks to support and encourage the local youth ministry of the churches they are a part of. On 2-3 Sabbath afternoons, the YC team participates in a servant evangelism or community kindness project. They go out into the host community to "share God's love in a practical way" through free water giveaways, free pictures of families at the park or a free car wash.

Who provides transportation?

Team members are asked only to provide their own transportation at the beginning and end of the 9 weeks. During the program, all transportation will be provided by PYC group leaders and approved staff.

Can I request a certain location or request to be with my friends?

Yes, you may request a certain location assignment or to be with a certain other student. However, because of the complexities of program balancing (gender, age, experience, territory, etc.), we cannot please everyone, and we do not guarantee that your request will be granted. (Hint: Early applicants get their requests more often.)

Who is behind the YC program?

Pennsylvania Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and REACH Philadelphia Seventh-day Adventist Church sponsor YC.

What are Magabooks?

The name "Magabook" was developed because the books we distribute are paperback (like books) and yet shaped like magazines with bright, colorful pictures. In essence, they are half-book and half-magazine and so they were called a "maga-book." Our books include children's books, health books, and inspirational and Bible study books.


Who can join the team?

Applications are welcome from all young people ages 16-26 years old.

How much money can team members make?

There is no limit to the money you can earn in YC, since you receive 50% of all that you distribute door-to-door. Typically team members make from $1500-$4000. In addition to this, Seventh-day Adventist academies and universities match these monies with a scholarship anywhere from 15-100%. 

What about pocket money?

Students can elect to receive 5% of their donations on Thursdays. However, this will reduce end-of-the-summer earnings which may be subject to the SDA school matching scholarship.

How do I get a matching scholarship?

The matching scholarship comes from the educational institution which you, the student, are attending. Different schools have different policies—check with your school. Most schools simply want actual funds, plus a statement from us explaining your summer earnings. We provide this statement to every student after the end of the summer. Note: Some schools do not provide matching scholarships.

I attend a non-SDA school. Can I still receive earnings from my summer of canvassing?

Yes, you will still receive your full earnings, even if you decide to attend a non-SDA school. However, certain SDA schools provide a matching scholarship amount in addition to your canvassing earnings.

Where do team members stay during the summer?

Team members are matched with carefully selected host families near the summer ministry area. These families provide a warm home environment for team members to stay in during their 9 weeks of ministry. Laundry facilities are also available.

Who provides food for team members?

Host families provide team members with a healthy breakfast. Team members are asked to bring materials for sack lunches for their lunch meal, and if they desire, their evening meal. During the program, there is a weekly grocery shopping day when team members can purchase these lunch items. For the evening meal, team members do have the option to purchase their meal at eating establishments during the evening meal break.

What is a satellite week?

From the 4 groups within the YC team (comprised of 6 students & a group leader), one group goes out to separate churches in the Pennsylvania Conference and canvasses their area. These churches are called Satellite Churches and can register to have one or more groups come out, for a fee, during the summer. If you are a church interested in hosting a group next summer, click the link below to find out more information.