Host Church Expectations

To cover part of the cost for the vans, books, fuel and other expenses associated with this ministry, a donation of $1000 per week, per group is required and due on or before April 1, 2019 and payable to Pennsylvania Youth Challenge.

Housing and Accommodations

The Host Church is required to provide housing, breakfast and lunch for students. Students in Youth Challenge eat two heavy vegetarian meals and one light meal a day. A notice regarding students with food allergies or those that prefer a vegan diet will be sent ahead of time. (Providing a light snack for dinner is optional)

  • Breakfast - Teens and young adults need hot, hearty breakfasts (i.e. oatmeal, potatoes, granola, cereal, pancakes, fruit, break, nuts). This meal is usually served around 8:30 a.m. Please check with the Group Leader regarding the specific time that works for their group.

  • Lunch - After walking door-to-door, the students will be ready for a hot dinner type meal (i.e. casserole, rice, beans, pasta, potatoes, vegetable, salad). The group can both pack this meal in a container in the mornings and eat it at a park later on, or if their territory is close by, they can eat it at the church or at a church member's home. This meal is usually served around 2:30 p.m. Please coordinate with the Group Leader regarding the specific time that works for their group.

  • Housing - The church is asked to provide adequate sleeping accommodations including hot running water for showers each day. Please house students all together in the same location or at homes within close proximity. This is important for safety and transportation costs.

  • Storage Space - At the host church (or the primary meeting place) where the precious inventory, books, radios and bags will be kept.

  • A Key - For the Group Leader to access the house, the church (or the primary meeting place) and storage space.

  • A Map - Of the territory you want Youth Challenge to cover.

Other Recommendations

  • Promptly follow up on all Interest Leads received door-to-door. It helps to schedule other events such as Vacation Bible School, cooking classes or an evangelistic meeting so that these interests can be invited to these events.

  • Schedule a weekend training event in the spring with Columbia Union Bible Worker, Lillian Torres, to assist in mobilizing the church for follow-up.

  • Prepare a meal for Friday night vespers and potluck for Sabbath after Youth Challenge leads out in worship service.

  • Plan to have someone play the prelude, postlude and lead all the special/unique songs your church sings (i.e. The Doxology - after the offering collection, Jesus Loves Me - during the children's story, As We Come to You in Prayer - just before/after prayer time), and have the deacons collect the offering.

Youth Challenge Team Member Expectations

  • A team of 7 energetic youth and young adult missionaries serving your territory (or more if you have more than one group), with passion for giving a positive impression of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and reaching the lost with the message of hope in Jesus. People in your community will see a friendly face associated with your church as these students go door-to-door.

  • The group will begin on Sunday and work through Thursday for a total of 5 days. They will visit approximately 2000-3000 homes in your community.

  • The group will pass out any single piece of advertising, handbill or literature that you create, at the doors they visit in your neighborhood. This means you can have 2000-3000 pieces delivered by hand, without the added cost of a mailing. Example: in Reading, a flyer was developed by the local church that introduced community members to the Adventist Church, including an invitation to church and an introduction to Blue Mountain Academy and other Adventist entities. Churches can also choose to have an evangelistic meeting flyer or Cool Camp flyer passed out door-to-door.

  • On Sabbath, your church will enjoy powerful testimonies from the Youth Challenge team members about how God worked through them in your community. You can plan that team members will be in charge of all aspects of the service, including song service, prayer, children's story, sermon time, special music, etc. Your regular order of service remains the same.

  • A Friday evening vespers service will be provided, open to all church members, especially youth and young adults. This can be a great way to inspire young and old alike to get involved in soul winning, as they interact with the Youth Challenge team members.

  • Team leaders provide all oversight for the team - including supervision, bringing inventory, daily records, training and worships.


Many have been asking how you can support and encourage these young missionaries when they come to your church. Here are some time-tested suggestions for the leader and assistant leaders.

  • You can assign Prayer Partners for each team member. These prayer partners commit to praying every day, while the students are at work in your territory, for a specific student. At the start of June, we are happy to provide names of the students that will be working in your territory.

  • Food is always a great encouragement for young people! Church members could provide water and sacks of healthy snacks (i.e. bagels, sandwiches, trail mix, fruit bars, etc.) for team members for the early evening hours. This is especially a great way to involve retired members of the church who can invest in the next generation of church leaders. This is a great blessing to the students, and enables them to focus on their door-to-door mission with fervor!

The more encouragement these young people have, the better they do. This is a spiritual battle and they need your strength, prayers and encouragement as they serve the Lord on the front lines, going door-to-door.