Satellite Weeks

  1. Saturday night, June 29th - Sabbath, after potluck, July 6th

  2. Saturday night, July 6th - Sabbath after potluck, July 13th

  3. Saturday night, July 13th - Sabbath after potluck July 20th

Due Dates
Application - April 1st
Fee ($25)- May 1st

Host/Satellite Church Information
Church Address *
Church Address
Name of Pastor *
Name of Pastor
Satellite/Host Church Support Team
Developing a team to facilitate Youth Challenge is crucial. The team should consist of a key point person (the leader) and assistant leaders. These leaders would work with housing and food arrangements, in addition to coordinating follow up with the interest leads. Who would the leader be?
Leader/Primary Contact
Leader/Primary Contact
(if not the pastor)
Satellite/Host Week Choices
Below are the weeks available to have a group work in your territory. Indicate your first and second choices. Depending on the week, the arrival times are different.
Satellite/Host Week Choices
Satellite/Host Church Territories
Indicate the primary towns, townships, counties or territories you want Youth Challenge to cover. Please note what police district they are in so that we can send a letter to that police department requesting permission to work there prior to Youth Challenge arrive.
List the townships, counties, or boroughs you would like the Youth Challenge team to cover and separate by commas.