Youth Challenge is a devoted team of young people age 16-26 who are on a mission during the summer around the state of Pennsylvania and beyond. Youth Challenge equips and empowers young people to earn tuition and scholarship money by sharing Christian books, called magabooks door-to-door, serving in community service, to become evangelists for the Kingdom of God. Team members can earn anywhere between $1500 and $4000. 

2019 Summer Program: June 2 - August 3rd


What is Youth Challenge?

Youth Challenge is a Christian team of young people, sponsored by the Pennsylvania Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and Pennsylvania area churches and beyond. Youth Challenge empowers young people, ages 16 through college-aged, to share their faith and earn tuition money by sharing Christian books, called Magabooks door-to-door and participating in community kindness projects.

We believe that Jesus' command, "Go into all the world," includes teenage and college-aged Christians, and that they must be trained in the best methods of winning souls to Christ.

We see that the Spirit of God is eager to give our Youth Challenge team the power and ability to witness for God. It is our aim to provide an environment where students can grow in their relationship with Christ and share His love boldly.

How did Youth Challenge begin?

Magabooks were originally commissioned in 1987 by Glenn Aufderkhar, Michigan Seventh-day Adventist Conference President, and Dick Thomas, marketing director for the Review Publishing Association, as a response to Ellen White's counsel that the book Christ's Object Lessons was a gift of Heaven to be used by students to help defray the cost of Christian education. The first Magabook, a half magazine, half book edition of Christ's Object Lessons, titled He Taught Love, features a commentary on 12 of the parables of Jesus Christ. Cindy Tutsch directed the first summer Magabook program in 1988 with 15 students based in Edmore, Michigan. Since then, Magabook student canvassers have grown to about 2500 in North America, distributing hundreds of thousands of 17 titles of Magabooks, from  healthy choices cookbooks to adult devotional books to teen books promoting a lifestyle free from substance abuse to quality children's story books which promote positive values.


Our Mission

Our mission is two-fold: to bless the lives of young people, financially, socially and spiritually and to bless the lives of those our team comes in contact with. We seek to bless the lives of those we meet door-to-door for healthy living, families and spiritual growth. We also seek to bless and inspire members of the host churches and churches around Pennsylvania by sharing testimonies proclaiming the marvelous ways God has worked in and through the Youth Challenge team. We seek to share Jesus with everyone that we meet, to hasten, in some way, His Second Coming.